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Dinkheller Film on DVD

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The long awaited release of a documentary 20-years overdue.
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Twenty years ago, Georgia Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was brutally murdered along a cold stretch of highway in rural Georgia in what has become the most infamous police dash cam video ever captured. The footage itself has been seen around the world millions of times, often attached to false stories and rumors. In 2017, one police officer sought to understand who that deputy was outside of one bad day and, in doing so, found a seed of truth that turned a short film into a feature-length investigation.

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Officer Involved Documentary
We’ve added the option of purchasing DINKHELLER along with a discounted copy of our first documentary Officer Involved when you purchase it here. You can learn more about that documentary at OfficerInvolvedProject.com Both Officer Involved and DINKHELLER are by the same filmmaker and are complimentary films. Officer Involved was an ‘Official Selection’ in the 2016 Knoxville Film Festival.


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May 17 - Film is awaiting final proofing. Expected soon.
May 21 - We rejected the final proof over a technology(compression) issue. They are actively fixing it now. Glad we caught it. We expect to receive the DVDs by May. Email sent to all pre-orders this morning.