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10% Donated to Basketball Cop Foundation through 2019.

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Thank you for your interest in making our award-winning documentary a lasting part of your department, school, academy, or library (Please read Q&A Below). Alll licensing is $199 for lifetime use in organizational curriculum/in-service and will come with a DVD. Once ordered, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be emailed again when your DVD ships. License/release paperwork will be sent along with your DVD. Dinkheller was made with proceeds from our first film Officer Involved and proceeds from DINKHELLER will help us to continue making important film projects.

Giving Back
Through 2019, ten percent of all orders of Organizational Licensing will be donated to Basketball Cop Foundation in Gainesville, Florida. This organization was chosen to be a recipient not only because the incredible work they do, but also our own friendship with the founders and input from the Dinkheller Family.

Questions about Licensing

Who is licensing for?
Licensing is for any law enforcement organization, academy institution, law enforcement academy, or library who wishes to incorporate the film into training/education or utilize the film for check-in/check-out purposes.

What is the reasoning behind licensing the film?
By licensing the film, you help us to protect the integrity of our copyright while ensuring that our film is being properly utilized in your organization for years to come. DINKHELLER was made as an independent project with 0 funding from grants or sponsorships. Funds raised through DINKHELLER' licensing help us to continue making important films and lessens the financial burden we face while ensuring that organizations are making our films an important part of their education. In addition, fees associated with license options and exhibition of feature films is a standard and enables the hosting institution to fall in accordance with the the Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) which states that the neither the rental nor purchase of a film carries with it the right to show the film publicly unless licensed. By offering various license options, organizations and institutions now have access to this important film. Proceeds from these fees go to support everything from associated administrative costs to future projects.

Is the license transferable? 
DINKHELLER licenses are assigned to the individual department, academy, college, or library purchasing the film. They are not transferable to others, though we will be happy to provide a word of mouth discount for friends of your organization. Just reach out for details. 

Can my group show 'DINKHELLER' and charge for attendance?
Any exhibition utilizing any part of 'DINKHELLER’ that involves a fee for attendance including paid training will require authorization from Indieclever Media, LLC. You can get that by reaching out here:

I'm an instructor and teach various classes and would like to add this film to my curriculum. What do I need to do that?
If you are an instructor outside of an an assigned role within a police academy or academic institution (school/college) please contact us with details and we will help you to meet your needs. Any instruction utilizing any part of DINKHELLER that involves a fee for attendance will require authorization prior to the instruction and will be handled on a case by case with additional licensing.

How long is this license good for?
During the pre-order process, licensing purchased is good for life.

What happens if I lose my DVD?
In the event that your DVD is damaged or lost, you may reach out and we'll be happy to provide you a DVD at the cost of an Individual Copy ($20).

How do I get the filmmaker to attend my event?
The filmmaker often attends events and conducts discussions around the film and can travel to most locations. Due to scheduling and other commitments, there is a separate fee associated with having the filmmaker in attendance.  Reach out here to find out how he can attend your event.